PrintStudioLab - Photo Reporter

The complete digital solution.

Centralize all your work by connecting your printers and plotters to PrintStudioLab.

When selecting the desired printer, the profiles, channels, sizes and paper type are automatically adjusted.

Compatible with printers:

Mitsubishi, Epson Surelab, Epson Plotters e Fuji Frontier S

Photo Reporter software - PrintStudioLab, developed by VMFdigital, meets the needs of professional photographers.

In fact, these needs that were transmitted over the last 10 years have made Photo Reporter - PrintStudioLab become such a powerful and indispensable tool for photography professionals. 

Key Features

  • Integrated Cloud Services
  • Support for RAW Image Editing
  • Connectable to Mitsubishi printers.
  • Management of all photographic processes.
  • Multiple reports separated by themes.
  • Complete management of the photographic archive.
  • Multi-disk and multi-computer management.
  • Integral statistics
  • Slide show on 2nd monitor or projector.
  • Slide show with 1,2 or 4 numbered photos.
  • CD, DVD and Blue Ray recording.
  • Automatic photographic compositions.
  • Renumber photos
  • Ordering module
  • Retouching.

  • CHROMA KEY automatic.
  • Automatic red eye removal.
  • Framing and rotation of the image.
  • Various special effects filters.
  • Export with 6 degrees of compression.
  • Inserting text.
  • Frames, cliparts masks and calendars.
  • Module of construction of calendars.
  • Smoke module.
  • Joints with an unlimited number of photos.
  • Module of creation of photos type Passe.
  • Digital Albuns creation module.
  • Composition creation module.
  • Automatic color adjustment module.
  • Run on WinXP / Vista / 7/8

Files in RAW, very useful for those who like to shoot safely ...

Quick and precise manual or automatic adjustments, retouching etc.

Automatically numbered slide shows

or in printed proofs (very useful in events) ...

Photo ID, multiformats, etc ...

Studio, Compositions, Calendars, Montage of digital albums automatically

or manual ... and more!

Product Details

Photo Reporter is an innovative service center with multiple solutions, integrated in a technological platform, that allows to grow and multiply the photography business.

It ensures image processing in the studio, or at any reporting location, and improved store management with self-service terminal connections, making order processing and printing easier.

In addition to ensuring the protection of the environment by its complete absence of chemicals, when integrated with Epson's DryMinilab Surelab or with the new generation of Mitsubishi thermal sublimation printers, it becomes an important source of revenue as it enables automation and simplification all aspects of the digital photography business.

Available services

  • Photos Type Quick pass (with touch up at the moment)
  • Studio Photos
  • Portable system enables photo printing anywhere
  • Photos from any digital media and mobile phones
  • Reproduction, reconstruction and photographic decorations
  • Black and White and Sepia Photographs
  • Realization of joints and smudges
  • Postcards, calendars, invitations and business cards of any kind.
  • Personalization of identification cards (credit card type)
  • Index print
  • Number of evidence
  • Manufacture of CDRoms for Digital Album Printing
  • Archive for CDRom

Printing Formats

  • User adjustable
  • Real-time view of framing

Digital Albums

  • Digital Album Editing and Paging
  • Total freedom in creating and page templates
  • Total freedom in terms of dimensions and number of pages
  • Final recording for local printing or sending to any laboratory

Special Modules

  • Photos ID with automatic insertion of date and prepared for the unique card.
  • Client-Server System for Networking
  • Connection to self-service terminals for receipt of orders
  • Link to any digital minilab

Image Processing

  • Retouching (with unlimited Undo)
  • Editing images in RAW
  • Red-eye correction with automatic face detection
  • Crop and rotation (1 degree accuracy)
  • Elimination of funds
  • Real-time Histogram Correction.
  • Esfumados (area to fade rectangular, oval or defined by spline curves)
  • Color Correction (including for multiple photos simultaneously)
  • Automatic Color Correction
  • 3 Color adjustment programs per installed printer
  • Gamma correction

Print Management

  • Uniform distribution of printing by installed printers
  • Consumable control system

Miscellaneous Modules

  • Scanners piloting without manufacturer software
  • Slide Show on second monitor
  • Smoldering
  • Construction of calendars (any month and any year)
  • Orders (much used in event photography)
  • Automatic photographic compositions
  • Photo Gallery to make any type of photographic composition
  • Recycling not to lose important images
  • Direct camera connection
  • Exportation of images (with possibility of 6 degrees of compression)
VMFdigital suggests!

Shooting and presenting on a slide show or numbered proofs with the possibility of instant printing is the most effective way of selling printed photographs during an event.

The party environment promotes the participants a greater pre-disposition to the acquisition of the printed photos "on the hour".

During the event, this software automatically allows you to number and display slideshows on your computer.

To do this simply use the Photo Reporter Software and take your Mitsubishi printer.

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